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Kaptaan Chappal

Kaptaan Chappal- Premium Quality Leather Chappals for Men

At Baaz.pk, Kaptaan chappal remains one of the most popular and fabulous choices of men’s footwear. It is a top choice that hardly ever goes out of demand and there’s a good reason for behind this! Among popular celebrities like Shahid Afridi and a few more, Imran Khan has been the dominant one to promote the use of Peshwari chappal in men’s footwear fashion.  Since the beginning, he has been wearing Peshawari chappals latest designs with jeans, kurtas, and other casual wears.

This eventually led to a special variation to the Peshawari chappal design-the double sole stitch chappals, also known as “Imran Khan chappal.” Among all other options in Peshawari chappals today, it is the most fashionable one that men prefer to buy.  At our online store, we are glad to offer you a wide range of leather chappals for men at the best affordable prices.

Imran Khan Chappal for a Trendy Style Statement on Any Occasion

Kaptaan chappal is one of the most perfect and lightweight Peshawari chappal styles available at Baaz.pk. Similar to our handcrafted authentic leather Peshawari chappals, their upper leather has a soft finish, have punched, cut, or sewn in designs on the leather, and straps with buckles. Our Imran Khan Peshawari chappal price range is set at affordable rates. You can choose from different sizes (varying from 6-14), colors, including black, dark blue, gray, beige, brown, etc. and more design variations. What makes these a top choice among men in Pakistan is their versatility, meaning they are suitable to wear with any dressing, even casual!

Baaz.pk offers unique and sophisticated sandals for wedding ceremonies, eid, or other occasions including casual outings with your friends and family. Wearing these depicts the traditional tribal fashion style and you can wear our Imran khan chappal with your trousers, jeans, or shalwar kameez.

Since our leather is made from high-quality leather, they are sewn intricately to maintain durability and quality. They are water and stain resistant and have moisture stabilizing insole to make sure that the feet breathe. It provides comfort and fit for use daily. At Baaz.pk, we are proud to say that we combine the oldest heritage of pushtoons with unique comfort and style for the modern man.

Buy Peshawari Chappal Latest Designs Online at Baaz.Pk

If you wish to follow the latest national trends, like Kaptaan himself (Imran Khan), or wish to carry a sophisticated look with your ethnic or casual wear, you can find something in store here at Baaz.pk to enhance your style quotient. We offer Peshawari chappal latest designs brilliantly designed by our very own craftsmen. You can find a wide variety in a plethora of traditional designs with straps and front open toe designs. Create style trends with Kaptaan chappals all over Pakistan!

Find the best quality, authentic and durable Imran khan peshawari chappal online at best prices!